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Having Children’s Protective Services (CPS) accuse you of child abuse will turn your world upside down. Every day, as a direct result of CPS investigations, children are removed from homes and placed in foster care, parents are restricted from having unsupervised contact with their own children, and courts are asked to terminate parental rights. In Michigan, CPS is required to bring law enforcement into the picture in many of their cases. As a result, parents often find themselves defending a Termination Petition and a criminal charge at the same time. In all instances, parents being accused of abuse need the help of a seasoned CPS and criminal defense team. That is where we come in. Cronkright Law attorneys are experienced at handling child abuse accusations regardless of who is leading the investigation or making the allegations. We have attorneys on call 24/7 for emergencies and offer free initial consultations.

Incidents that lead to child abuse charges in Michigan:

  • Harm to a child’s health or welfare
  • Placing a child in a situation where harm is likely to occur
  • Intentional injury to a child
  • intentional mental injury to a child causing depression, anxiety, or fear
  • reckless acts that lead to injury
  • Sexual misconduct

As a parent, being falsely accused of child abuse can be life altering. You may wonder who could consider you capable of such things! Unfortunately, people make comments or report false activities every day. If someone makes a comment or accusation to a doctor, teacher, or counselor, the law requires them to report it to CPS and CPS is legally obligated to investigate every report.

Fortunately, you do not have to face these accusations alone. Our experienced Lansing child abuse defense attorney and legal team can help. Our attorneys have successfully handled thousands of court cases, consultations and charge-preventing interventions involving both CPS workers and police.

If we are defending you in court, you have the benefit of working with attorneys who understand false allegations and have successfully defended against them in family law cases, in CPS initiated Petitions and in criminal cases.

Do not let CPS tear your family apart. Contact Cronkright Law for a free consultation today!

What Happens in a CPS Child Abuse Investigation?

If CPS receives a report of child abuse, they will usually try to make rapid contact with the child or children involved. If the child is old enough to be in school, CPS will go to the school to interview a child without telling you first. Under Michigan law, they can set up this meeting without your knowledge or consent, and school officials have to cooperate. They are obligated to tell you about it after the fact, but will often not tell you what your child said. CPS protocol is to interview or do well child checks on all children in the home, including those children who primarily live with another parent. They will typically interview those other parents as well. As you can imagine, this leads to a lot of custody motions being filed by the parents who are not the focus of the investigation, and it often leads to temporary placement with those parents.

CPS workers will also want to talk to you, but they generally do so on their own schedule. They will often drop in unannounced at your home or workplace and demand to speak with you. Sometimes, they try to arrange joint interviews with law enforcement. It is important for you to understand that, whether the police are there or not, CPS will always share information with law enforcement. Nothing you tell them about an alleged incident is confidential.

If you find yourself under investigation, an important first step is to contact a skilled Michigan child abuse defense attorney right away. At Cronkright Law, our primary goal is to defend parents and childcare professionals and keep families together.

Start exploring your options with a dedicated, proven legal advocate today. Contact us at (517) 325-0441.


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