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Dedicated to Protecting Your Parental Rights

Parents or Caregivers accused of child abuse or neglect need help quickly from an experienced and reliable Michigan CPS defense attorney. The attorneys at Cronkright Law can help. Our law firm was founded with the mission of offering legal representation to falsely accused parents, license holders and caretakers. We are centrally located in Lansing and defend parents throughout Michigan. If CPS, Police, Social Workers or Medical Doctors are investigating you, our attorneys can provide immediate guidance and long-term representation with the aim of preserving your parental rights. Our firm represents parents in Lansing, Detroit, Howell, St. Joseph, Grand Rapids and all other courts in Michigan’s lower peninsula.

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Our Expertise

We handle all matters involving Children’s Protective Services (CPS) and defend cases involving Adult Protective Services (APS) as well. While our principal focus is defending parents, our expertise extends to various areas where there are false allegations or exaggerated claims of abuse and neglect. Therefore, we defend against claims brought by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA).

We handle cases involving allegations of:

Our Focus

Our CPS lawyers in Michigan are dedicated to the task of helping parents, helping families, helping licensed day care workers, foster care workers and licensed medical and psychological professionals who are facing unjustified claims and allegations. Our Founder, Michael Cronkright has been helping parents and license holders with complex cases for over two decades. He has many trial and out of court successes.


Our Philosophy

When we are representing parents, we have a single mission—to keep your family together. To accomplish that mission, we work closely with clients, treating every case as the most important challenge you will ever face. When called for, we team up with experts in various fields of medicine, psychology, social work and investigation. We have access to literally hundreds of expert witnesses and treating professionals from various specialties. We will assess the needs of the case and the needs of your family to determine with you the best defense and the best course of action for your family.

Our Service Area

We have handled cases and helped parents successfully throughout Michigan. This includes representation from Berrien County to Wayne County, from Otsego County to Jackson County, and all points in between. Our attorneys have handled cases in Flint, Mt. Pleasant, Midland, Howell, Muskegon and other locations too numerous to mention here. Currently, we limit our practice to assisting clients in courts within the Lower Peninsula of Michigan

Experienced CPS Attorney in Michigan

Seeking counsel from an experienced Lansing CPS defense lawyer—equipped with a wealth of insightful knowledge—puts you on the right track towards keeping your family together. Michael Cronkright—our founding attorney—has helped thousands of clients with CPS cases from CPS early intervention and child neglect to shaken baby syndrome and litigation for complex medical issues. Equipped with a unique subset of legal skills, Cronkright Law has successfully defended parents and families in the most complex legal matters.

Our Clients Know We’re Up for the Challenge

Having CPS, Police and Doctors accusing you is intimidating and challenging. Learning that your child is sick or injured is stressful. Learning that the authorities think it’s your fault is devastating. In court, it often seems like CPS officials, all of the attorneys and the judge are against you. That is where we come in. We will stand with you, advocate for you, help you to understand what you are up against, and help you to chart a course designed to get CPS out of your home and your children back in it. We relentlessly look for ways to accomplish your goals.

Our firm is passionate about defending parents and keeping families together. We have extensive experience, specialized training, and determination. We have learned that paying close attention to detail, working hard and being the best at what we do works for our clients. When our clients feel like their backs are up against the courtroom wall, or the witnesses working against them are doing everything in their power to hurt their family, we stay focused and look for solutions that work. At Cronkright Law, no case that we handle is more important than yours. We understand that you are going through a serious challenge. Our commitment to you is that we will treat your case as if it’s the most important battle you will ever face. But you won’t be alone. We’ll face it together.

Ready to Protect Your Best Interests

Protecting your rights requires a team effort. The most important member of our team is always going to be the client. In fact, we choose not to work with clients unless we are confident that they will roll up their sleeves and work with us. In the process of getting your family back together, we may ask a lot of you. You will be called upon to work closely with us and do your part. We provide all of our new clients with a free initial consultation to get the best grasp on their legal matters, including the needs of the children and the needs of the parents. Through a thorough assessment of the available facts and evidence, we are then able to determine the best-tailored solutions for your legal needs. In order for you to feel completely confident in our proven abilities, it’s crucial that we earn your trust. That’s why we maintain extensive interaction and keep the lines of communication open with our clients.

That communication starts with the first consultation. We offer you a free initial consultation. Usually, this will be by phone, but we are available for video conference or a face-to-face meeting as well. We won’t charge you anything for this. Think of it as a job interview. If you choose to work with someone else, we understand. One of the most important decisions you will make is which attorney to hire, and we want you to get that decision right. This means finding a law firm that you are comfortable with, a firm with competent attorneys, and a firm that you are willing to work with. If that is us, we would love to help your family.

When you turn to Cronkright Law, we’ll begin looking for solutions for your family’s legal needs with the first conversation. Call (517) 881-4643 to get started.

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The Strengths of Cronkright Law

  • A Level of Comfort that Can’t Be Shaken, Even if Everyone in the Courtroom is Working Against Us
  • The Proven Knowledge and Tactical Skill Needed to Litigate Complex Medical Issues
  • The Ability to Identify and Stay Focused on the Most Important Issues of Your Case
  • High Levels of Confidence When Working with and Against Witnesses
  • The Ability to Aggressively Defend Clients and Keep Families Together

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