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Shaken Baby Case Resurfaces After 35 Years. Cronkright Law.

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Shaken Baby Case Resurfaces After 35 Years

Babysitter Terry McKirchy could not have predicted that she would be facing murder charges and possible life in prison 35 years after she served her...
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When a Lawyer Guardian Ad-Litem Does a Poor Job

It is very common for parents to have a beef with a Lawyer Guardian Ad-Litem (LGAL).  From time to time, parents choose to litigate against the LGAL.  A Berrien County dad recently...
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Who’s That Knocking on Your Door?

When the Government is on Your Doorstep Ronald Reagan famously said that the nine most terrifying words in the English language were “I’m from the...
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U.S. Supreme Court Stands Up for Religious Liberty

I fight for parents.  It is what I do every day.  In my view, the best place for a child is with his or her...
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Mandatory Vaccinations in the Age of COVID-19

Should Mandatory Vaccinations Overrule Parent Rights? Let me be very clear: I am not anti-vaccination.  I am pro-parent.  I firmly believe that it is the right...
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Foster Care Case in the US Supreme Court

Most foster care parents provide homes because they genuinely care about children.  They often work with private agencies that align with their values and beliefs. ...
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The “Equality Act” and its Impact on Parental Rights

As a parent defense attorney, I am always concerned when the government thinks it knows best when it comes to raising children.  In my view,...
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Another Court Recognizes the Sbs Controversy – Part Three

In Part One, we discussed a recent case in which the Court of Appeals ordered the trial court to hold an evidentiary hearing on newly...
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