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Having Children’s Protective Services (CPS) uphold a child abuse or neglect case against you can change your life forever. Not only is a child abuse allegation likely to follow you everywhere you go, but you can also face criminal child abuse or neglect charges. Authorities can use the evidence found by CPS against you in criminal court as well.

Even though it seems hopeless, there is no reason to give up. Courts can overturn child abuse petitions, and you can win criminal cases. With help from a qualified CPS appeals lawyer in Lansing, you can get your life back and move forward into a better future.

The case is not closed simply because CPS says it is. Contact us today at (517) 881-4643 to start exploring your appeal options in a free consultation.

An appeal may be able to show:

  • That you did not receive proper representation in the first place
  • The court did not consider relevant facts of your case during the decision
  • CPS mishandled the investigation
  • CPS or the court overstepped their authority in the ruling on your case

You do not have much time to file an appeal after CPS notifies you of a decision, so be sure to act quickly. Mike Cronkright is not only a proven Lansing CPS appeals attorney but has decades of experience in the criminal justice arena as well. We can make sure that your case receives the scrutiny it deserves.

Appealing Termination of Parental Rights

Even a criminal conviction for child abuse is not as devastating for most parents as the total loss of parental rights. If CPS is threatening the loss of your parental rights, you need a Michigan Parental Rights Attorney who can fight to protect your family. At Cronkright Law, the defense of families is a primary focus of our practice. Our attorneys have helped many, many families over the years who were being threatened by CPS.

If you are reading this page, it probably means you or someone you care about is facing a very serious and difficult set of circumstances in their family. The consequences of having your parental rights terminated will not only affect you now, it has the potential of affecting you later in life if you have more children. For Grandparents, the difficulty is that they often are ostracized along with parent that is the target of the investigation. Early intervention by an expert Children’s Protective Services defense attorney is the best solution.

Don’t Give Up on Your Parental Rights

Even when it seems hopeless, you should not give up without a fight. We often consult with parents who have difficult cases and feel that CPS, police, judges and lawyers are all aligned against them. They view courts as unfair and the guardian ad litem (children’s attorney) as biased. They often report to us that their case worker is hostile to them and the services put in place are not designed to help their families.

Sometimes, there are so many services in place that the parents are run ragged trying to get everything done. A good attorney can change these dynamics, but many times the quality of parent defense offered by retained and court-appointed parent attorneys is sadly lacking.

If you have a complex or difficult case, you need to be working with a Michigan parental rights attorney who can change those dynamics and steer your case toward the success you are looking for. Your relationship with a highly competent lawyer is the most important single factor in your case.

Appeals Process

In Michigan, appeals for termination of parental rights cases move very quickly and there are tight deadlines for filing an appeal. If you have already lost a termination hearing and your rights have been terminated, you must appeal quickly. Appellate Courts in Michigan have overturned the termination decisions of trial court judges throughout Michigan. With help from a qualified CPS appeals lawyer, you may be able to reverse that order and restore your legal status as a parent.

On appeal, the issues are different than the issues at trial. The focus of the Michigan Court of Appeals will be to review the case and determine if errors were made and if your rights were violated. One significant issue on appeal might be whether you were properly represented. This means you will need an appellate attorney who is willing to be critical of the work of other attorneys.

Other issues involve whether the court followed the law properly in making its decision and whether the facts in evidence support that decision. The court is obligated to determine if there were statutory grounds for termination and whether termination of parental rights is in the best interest of the child. Your attorney should have been carefully helping you avoid termination throughout the time your case was pending. All of this needs to be carefully examined by the appeal attorney.

If you find yourself needing a TPR appeal attorney, we can help. We offer free initial case screening. Time is of the essence. Call us at (517) 881-4643 for a free initial consultation.

Let Cronkright Law Help You Fight CPS

When CPS removes a child from your home, parents may still have viable legal options. Parental rights can be, and are, reinstated after an appeal. It does take time for the case to work through the court, but it is worth the effort to keep your family together.

Our CPS appeals attorneys have worked with thousands of parents, and we know the pain of losing custody of your child. However, the fight is far from over. At Cronkright Law, we love defending parents and keeping families together.

We have the knowledge and skill to navigate everything from complex medical issues to the emotional impact these cases tend to have on both children and families. Most of all, we are ready to be a staunch and assertive advocate for you and your family both in and outside the courtroom.

Time is of the essence. Call us at (517) 881-4643 to start launching your CPS appeal.


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