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“Failure to protect” a child is one of the most common allegations Children’s Protective Services (CPS) makes against parents and childcare professionals. Unfortunately, you may find yourself facing these charges without any evidence that you were aware of potential harm.

We understand how devastating it can be for someone to accuse you of failing to protect your kids. When you are a parent, it is easy to second guess yourself even when you are doing your very best. An accusation of child neglect is not only damaging to your emotions—it can tear your family apart.

Even sadder is a situation in which CPS charges a co-parent with abuse and charges you with failure to protect your children. CPS may use this tactic to get you to testify against the other parent and agree with the abuse charges.

If you find yourself facing these allegations, it is vital to retain a Lansing CPS lawyer as soon as possible. Do not try to talk your way out of the situation or offer your side of the story. Without a skilled attorney by your side, you may make the situation worse.

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Common Defenses for Failure to Protect

A parent or guardian is not defenseless if the state charges them with failure to protect children. There are many ways that an experienced Lansing CPS defense lawyer can help assert the facts. Expert witnesses can help, as can proper cross-examination and a strong legal strategy.

Common defenses to failure to protect charges include:

  • The caregiver was not aware that there was danger in a particular situation
  • You did not know the child needed intervention from a doctor or the police
  • You provided everything the child needed, and there was no neglect
  • The supposed harm did not happen, and the allegation is false

As your attorney in a failure to protect case, our job is to bring all the facts to light. We can help the court see things from your perspective. We can be your ally in a situation when it seems like the system is working against you and your family. Mike Cronkright has more than two decades of legal experience in protecting the rights of Michigan parents and childcare professionals. We know what it takes to challenge these CPS cases and ensure that the accusations against our clients and their families receive the scrutiny they deserve.

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