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Children’s Protective Services (CPS) workers have a way of showing up when you least expect it. Sometimes, parents don’t know whether to cooperate or not. They don’t know whether to talk or not. They don’t know what their rights are. On a regular basis, we are hired by parents unwilling to submit to CPS scrutiny without legal assistance. That is wise.

The first contact from a CPS worker can come after a child says something that an adult misunderstood. It can come when a doctor, teacher or day care worker asks how a bruise got there. It can come when an ex-spouse or grandparent is deliberately trying to make trouble for you. Regardless of how it starts, if you are being contacted by CPS, you and your family are under investigation. Parents often ask us if they need an attorney.

Our simple answer is that if CPS is contacting you or interviewing your kids at school, you should at least have the matter evaluated. We offer free initial phone screening to help you figure out if it is time to get a Lansing CPS early intervention attorney involved.

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What is a CPS Intervention?

We recognize that the term may mean something different to a CPS worker. At Cronkright Law, in an intervention case, we work to position ourselves between you and CPS during the investigation. This means that we are going to use our extensive experience to guide you through the process. Naturally, this works best if we get involved early in the investigation.

The CPS investigation process can be intimidating. CPS workers are used to getting their way and will often pressure parents into letting them into the home, talking to kids, submitting to interviews, signing medical release forms and submitting to drug testing. Parents tend to allow this because they are afraid not to. When parents do object or push back, CPS workers often call for the assistance of a uniformed police officer. This adds to the level of fear and intimidation. With the assistance of Cronkright Law, you will have a knowledgeable and experienced attorney working with you, helping you to know what your rights are, what the law is and what the best strategies are for getting CPS out of your life. Your early intervention strategy be formed by working with us, and it will be tailored for your needs.

Standing Up to CPS

Over the years, we have watched with amazement how many people are reluctant to stand up to CPS. Teachers, principals, doctors, day care workers and even many attorneys seem to yield to the whims of a CPS worker.

Before you close the door in a CPS worker’s face or take a firm stand, you need to evaluate your situation carefully with the help of an attorney who is used to standing up to CPS. If your goal is to get CPS out of your life and avoid going to court, a careful assessment needs to be made.

Our attorneys are used to standing up to CPS and are pretty good at saying “no!” However, our job is not just to say “no!” Our job is to intervene and help your family. To do this, we have to work closely with you, learn the facts that have brought CPS to your door and find the best way to guide you through this. So, if you are looking for help with a CPS investigation, please consider our early intervention option.

Some attorneys will say, “If CPS files a Petition in Court, call me and I will represent you.” However, the simple fact is that many families need out of court representation. We offer both in court representation and out of court interventions. We find that getting involved early can spare the family budget and also avoid much of the aggravation and anxiety of going to court to defend your parental rights.

Should I Accept CPS Services in Michigan?

There is no one right answer to this question. We often advise our clients to obtain their own medical and counseling services without the invasive assistance of CPS. CPS services always come with a cost. That cost is that CPS will choose the provider, they will want access to confidential information, and they will want a continuing presence in your home.

This allows them to prolong the investigation and continue to gather information that can later be used against you. That is why decisions like this are best made in consultation with an attorney who is familiar with your family needs and goals.

Will Hiring an Attorney Make Me Look Guilty?

The short answer is no, although many CPS investigators and police officers have tried to suggest that. From their perspective, it is easier to conduct an investigation without an attorney in the way. But how is that good for your family? It is surprising how many people yield to the pressure and participate in an investigation without counsel; only later to regret it as much of the information they supplied is taken out of context and then used against them. This does not have to happen.

Every interaction with CPS has the potential of producing evidence in a court case. The same is true of interactions with the police. When an investigator of any kind is having contact with your family and gathering evidence, it is wise to have an attorney assist you. While no family wants to become entangled with a CPS matter, it is possible to seek swift and favorable solutions with dedicated counsel by your side.

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