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Munchausen by Any Other Name

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP) continues to be a theory of prosecution for parents around the country and in Michigan. The concept, flawed since its...
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The Sherlock Effect

I am reviewing a manuscript written by Thomas W. Young, M.D. He is a board certified forensic pathologist and this manuscript is riveting. It exposes...
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Removal of Children – Is it Protection or Harm?

I often hear from parents who have had something happen with their child—be it wandering away briefly, an accidental injury, or medical occurrence that sends...
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When Out-of-Home Placement is Harmful to a Child

On a daily basis, I get calls from parents complaining that CPS workers took their children away. In many of my cases, I am amazed...
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Innocent Man Cleared After Two Years in Jail for AHT Death

Can you imagine spending two years in jail awaiting trial for a crime you did not commit? Can you imagine being accused of violently shaking...
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Child Abuse Litigation Is Not Always Fair to Parents

When parents are accused of child abuse, they often find themselves facing one, two, or even three separate cases in court. It is common for...
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Is It Time for A “Parent’s Bill of Rights”?

I have recently been reflecting on the unfair treatment of many Michigan parents when they have a child in the hospital and are being actively...
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P v Roberts

Case of B.K. Roberts Overturned by Michigan Court of Appeals On June 6, 2017, the Michigan Court of Appeals released an important opinion overturning the...
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