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Calhoun County Mother’s Rights Terminated

How to Avoid This Happening to You For parents caught up in criminal prosecutions and CPS investigations, past history can make things even worse. A...
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The Science Behind Burn Injury Cases

A recent NBC News report, “Burned by ‘Bad Science’”, detailed how two families became victims of flawed testimony. The focus of the account is a Texas...
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Is There a Scientific Basis for Interpreting Bruises?

Can you pinpoint the age of a bruise? Child abuse “experts” have debated this very thing for many years. Now, there may be a way...
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Tips for Appealing a Termination of Parental Rights Ruling

Parents are often stunned by the ruling of the Court when an order comes out after a termination hearing. In fact, it’s very common for...
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Parents of children with head injuries tend to experience higher levels of hostility from child abuse pediatricians (CAP). Was it a fall from furniture or...
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CPS Supervisor Arrested and Charged

You'd Think a CPS Supervisor Would Know Better On Saturday, March 3rd, an employee of Children’s Protective Services, Paula Lipinski, was arrested for operating a...
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When the Lion Roars in New York

Sometimes the “Impossible” Really is the Truth Madeleine L'Engle (of A Wrinkle in Time fame) wrote in the book A Circle of Quiet about a woman who lived in...
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Kids In The Snow

Not too long ago, my wife and I were out for a walk one cold, snowy day. We heard the happy laughter of children playing...
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