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Dealing with the Pain of Holidays without Children

It seems like every year we face the horrible prospect of parents suddenly separated from their children by CPS and facing the holidays alone. Families...
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On the lighter side: Do Bahamian CPS Officials Support Corporal Punishment?

On a daily basis, I deal with heavy, life altering cases where parents find their rights threatened by aggressive CPS investigators. This work is extremely...
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Parents Right to Waive the Reading of the Petition Affirmed by Michigan Court of Appeals

Today, the Michigan Court of Appeals came out with a ruling that helps parent attorneys seeking to get a fair jury trial for their clients....
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Misdiagnosis as a Form of Medical Abuse

Recently I heard a nationally prominent medical doctor who helps parents defend against false allegations make a simple and yet profound statement:  A misdiagnosis of...
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Good News from In re Timon?

In Michigan, parents can always use some good news from the Courts.  There is a glimmer of hope for at least one parent in Michigan...
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I Can’t Believe my Pediatrician Turned Against Me!

I have noticed over the years that the presence of CPS can have an amazingly negative affect on the relationship with parents. Most parents form...
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People v. Thomas McClellan

It is a sad reality that one bad apple can definitely spoil a whole bunch. Thomas McClellan and people like him make it harder for...
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Are All Infant Fractures Abuse?

Can I vent a little? It seems like every time I work on an infant fracture case, I deal with the same thought process by...
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