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Berrien County Child Protective Services Lawyer

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• Berrien County CPS Offices, Benton Harbor, Michigan

Berrien County CPS Offices,
Benton Harbor, Michigan

If Children’s Protective Services, (CPS) has the slightest inclination that a child is in danger, they will act with haste to take the child out of that situation. Unfortunately, haste often means that many fit and proper parents have their children removed. Some even face a petition for the termination of parental rights. This can be jarring to parents and devastating to children. In the eyes of the law, you should always be presumed innocent of the allegations and presumed a fit parent for your children. To many parents facing CPS allegations, it does not seem that way. Instead it feels like it is up to you to prove you are not unfit as parents. This is why there is no time to waste in enlisting the help of our Berrien County Child Protective Services lawyers.

Defending Berrien County Families in Court

• Berrien County Court Building, St. Joseph, Michigan

Berrien County Court Building, St. Joseph, Michigan

We understand that nothing is quite as important to a parent as keeping their child under their care and in their home. Our Berrien County CPS lawyers will work tirelessly to help you meet that goal. If your case is already in court and you are defending your parental rights, you are facing some special challenges. Most parents find court proceedings unfair and unfriendly. Many come away from their court hearing thinking that the deck is stacked against them, the courtroom environment was hostile and their attorney did not do anything for them. Parents need to work with an attorney who understands child protective proceedings and will take the time to explain it before court. We can help. We are dedicated and effective parent defense attorneys with a single mission: to keep your family together.

If you have been Accused of any of the Following, You owe it to Yourself to Enlist one of our Expert Berrien County CPS Attorneys Immediately:

  • Child Abuse
  • Child Neglect
  • Medical Neglect
  • Educational Neglect
  • Failure to Protect
  • Child Endangerment
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • Pediatric Falsification Syndrome
  • Medical Child Abuse

Serving St. Joseph, Niles, Benton Harbor, Coloma, Buchanan & New Buffalo in Berrien County

Cronkright Law serves a number of areas in Berrien County, including but not limited to, St. Joseph, Niles, Benton Harbor, Coloma, Buchanan, and New Buffalo. Our Expert Berrien County Child Protective Services lawyers are skilled, knowledgeable, and determined to protect you and your family from undergoing an incredible tragedy.

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