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jackson county, CPS Headquarters

Jackson County, CPS Headquarters

Michigan Children’s Protective Services is a government agency and a division of the Department of Health and Human Services. While their mandate is to protect children from abuse and neglect, parents in Jackson County often find CPS investigators hostile and overbearing. If you are being investigated for child abuse or neglect, you need the assistance of a Michigan CPS defense attorney. The attorneys at Cronkright Law have many years of experience helping parents, day care workers and foster parents who find themselves falsely accused. While the protection of children is a noble cause, the primary responsibility for doing that rests with parents. An intact family is the healthiest environment for providing a safe and stable environment for kids. This is true even for families who have had problems before or need services now. Our attorneys are focused on helping families stay together and protecting parental rights.

jackson County Courthouse

Jackson County Court Building in Downtown Jackson

CPS Defense Lawyers for Jackson, MI Courts

Parents who find themselves defending their parental rights in Jackson, Michigan may have a daunting challenge. Jackson County has one of the most overworked and underfunded court systems in Michigan. The judges who handle neglect petition cases have incredibly full dockets and parents are competing for the time and attention of judges who may seem impatient. Delays between court hearings can cause long periods of separation from your children and long periods of supervised parenting time for you. If you are trying to work with a court-appointed attorney, you may find that your attorney is not exclusively a parent attorney; filling different roles for different cases. At Cronkright Law, we are parent attorneys and we do not accept court appointments. Defending parents is what we do. And we do it every day. We can help you negotiate a court system that some parents find hostile, adversarial and unfair. Throughout Michigan, our attorneys have handled some of the most difficult cases imaginable and preserved parental rights for clients.

While we understand that Children’s Protective Services and the Family Division Courts have important roles to fill, their mistakes can be costly and detrimental to the very children that they are required by law to serve. If you are facing allegations against you regarding any form of child abuse or wrongdoing, it is vital that you reach out to our Jackson County child protective services lawyers immediately. We find that early intervention by skilled parent attorneys helps children and helps parents.

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At Cronkright Law, we understand nothing is more important to you than your child’s safety and wellbeing. It can be incredibly frightening to face CPS on your own. You don’t have to do that. On a daily basis, we hear from parents who report that their attorney is not really doing anything to help them. We believe that parents deserve the best possible defense in court and out of court. That is why our legal team is comprised of dedicated, experienced, and skilled Jackson County child protective services attorneys who want to fight for your rights as a parent. We proudly serve residents of Jackson, Spring Arbor, Parma, and Concord. We also serve the residents of all nearby counties including, Washtenaw County, Branch County, Hillsdale County and Lenawee County.

Whether you are currently in the midst of an investigation, or are already in the Family Court defending a Petition, there is no time to waste–reach out to a member of our firm for comprehensive legal counsel, care, and representation.

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