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Kalamazoo County Child Protective Services Attorney

Experienced & Compassionate Legal Counsel

If you are accused of abusing or neglecting your child in Kalamazoo County, Michigan, you need a skilled and knowledgeable CPS defense attorney on your side. Whether you are under investigation from Children’s Protective Services or the police, our experienced firm is ready to protect your rights. This is undoubtedly a stressful time for you and your family. You may be confused about why you are facing charges, and are likely concerned for the well being of your child. At Cronkright Law we have two critical goals —keep your family together and get CPS out of your life.

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Kalamazoo County CPS / DHS Defense

Kalamazoo Circuit Court Family Division

Kalamazoo Circuit Court Family Division

In Kalamazoo County, CPS petitions are handled by the Family Division of the Circuit Court, which is located within the Gull Road Justice Center. Referee hearings, bench trials and jury trials are all conducted here and the Kalamazoo County Prosecuting Attorney maintains an office at the facility to handle juvenile crimes and neglect petition matters. Parking is in front of the building and you must go through security to enter. If you have a pending neglect petition case, all of your court proceedings will be held here. The good news is that you don’t have to go there alone. Our attorneys have plenty of experience defending parents.

The Cronkright Law Difference

Attorney Cronkright is devoted to making sure that every Cronkright Law client gets the time and attention necessary to ensure the best possible result. The legal team at Cronkright Law is passionate about representing the rights of parents and caretakers alike. We will do everything in our power to seek a positive resolution for you and your family. On a daily basis, we represent people facing a variety of legal concerns, including allegations of:

Our firm accepts cases throughout the Kalamazoo County area and Michigan, including, but not limited to:

  • Portage
  • Schoolcraft
  • Vicksburg
  • Kalamazoo
  • Battle Creek
  • Centreville

Let Us Fight CPS for You

We know from experience that one of the best ways to increase your chances of success in a case brought by Children’s Protective Services is to rapidly secure an effective defense team to help you. Building a solid legal defense immediately after you are accused with abuse or neglect is crucial. Whether you are accused of failing to protect your child, causing injuries such as fractures or shaken baby syndrome, or other charges of negligence, we can help. The lawyers at Cronkright Law will defend your legal rights, advocate on your behalf and find a solution to help your family.

Defense Against Child Protective Services

Kalamazoo County DHHS

Kalamazoo County DHHS

Our firm has the legal experience to effectively negotiate on your behalf or to dig in and litigate with you. Most parents find that dealing with CPS and the court system is an entirely new and unfamiliar experience. That’s O.K. We will walk you through the legal aspects of your case every step of the way. Cronkright law attorneys have extensive knowledge regarding parental rights litigation and have seen countless cases where accusations were blown out of proportion due to false allegations, exaggerations, and errors. We are dedicated to helping you keep your family together. As a result, if you are under investigation by CPS we do not recommend that you participate in an interview without one of our attorneys by your side.

Our Approach to Defending Your Parental Rights:

First, we work with you rather than just for you. We actually choose not to take on a client when we are concerned that they will not roll up their sleeves and work with us.

  • Good communication is paramount. We will listen to you, take your calls and respond to your text messages and emails. Your input is valuable to us. We know the law really well but we have to rely on you for crucial facts.
  • We will work with your family, your friends and your support team to the extent that you allow it. Those closest to you can attest to the love you have for your child, and can prove useful in court as reliable character witnesses and fact witnesses.
  • We will learn your history, including applicable medical and legal records; and look for ways to use that information to your advantage.
  • We will mitigate. In all cases, there are some negative facts and allegations that need to be dealt with effectively. We will work with you to lessen the impact of those facts and assertions.
  • Our experience matters. Our attorneys have been helping parents for decades. With every client, with every case, we learn. We offer you the benefit of many, many years of valuable experience.
  • What do you have to say? One of the most important resources in any case is you. We want to know what your story is, what happened, and your thoughts on how to fix it.

If your child was taken away or you are facing accusations of abuse or neglect, our firm is ready to help you defend your parental rights. We have the legal resources to support you and your family, and we offer free initial consultations to all potential clients. Contact Cronkright Law today to begin building your defense.