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Livingston County Child Protective Services Lawyer

Fighting for Parents’ Rights in Livingston County

Livingston County CPS Office

Livingston County CPS Office Entrance

Livingston County Children’s Protective Services Investigators can present formidable obstacles for parents who are trying to keep their families together. There is nothing quite as frightening for a parent as the prospect of losing a child. Although Children’s Protective Services (CPS) is supposed to protect children in abusive or neglectful environments, many appropriate and fit parents find themselves caught up in the system and need help. At Cronkright Law, we know the most important thing in your life is keeping your child close and safe; which is why our Livingston County child protective services lawyers will do everything in their power to ensure your family is not ripped apart over a false or exaggerated claim of abuse or neglect.

Defending Parents in Howell, Michigan Courts

Livingston County Judicial Center

Livingston County Judicial Center,
Howell, Michigan (Courthouse)

Dealing with CPS can be a complicated, drawn-out process. Defending your case in court can be even more challenging. Generally, CPS petitions in Livingston County are litigated in the main courthouse in Howell. Many petitions, motion hearings and dispositional review hearings are handled by the family court referee located near the main courtrooms in the Courthouse. People entering this building are subject to search and will have to pass through a metal detector.

It is important to enlist the help of a trusted attorney as soon as possible when you learn that you are going to court. Standard practice is for the court to have a court appointed attorney standing by to represent parents and a lawyer guardian ad litem to represent the interests of the children. You should understand that whenever a petition is filed, parents are facing an imminent threat to their parental rights. Our attorneys have helped many Livingston county families through their CPS matters.

In Howell, Michigan Courts, we Defend Parents Facing False Allegations of:


LACASA office

LACASA office location as seen
from Grand River Ave.

LACASA center is an organization in Howell, Michigan, that ends up being involved in a large portion of CPS cases litigated in Livingston County Courts. This is true for neglect/abuse petitions and for criminal matters. According to their web site, they “protect, advocate for and empower victims and survivors of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault.” Although LACASA offers services to parents, parents accused of abuse and neglect often report that LACASA service providers seem to carry a bias towards them. Generally, LACASA services are held in high regard by local authorities in Livingston County. For parents engaged in court ordered services such as supervised parenting time, counseling or classes, it is advisable to work closely with an attorney to determine the best strategy for successfully engaging in those services.

Serving Brighton, Howell, Pinckney & Fowlerville in Livingston County

Cronkright Law is comprised of dedicated, experienced, and compassionate Livingston County Child Protective Services lawyers who have one goal in mind: protecting you and your family from any legal harm. Our legal team serves various areas of Livingston County, including Brighton, Howell, Pinckney, and Fowlerville. We want to help you bring your child home, where he or she belongs.

In situations involving your child, time is of the essence. Therefore, you should move quickly to secure the best representation that you can. We know it can be heartbreaking to be unfairly accused of neglect or abuse. Our Livingston County CPS attorneys believe that it is generally in a child’s best to be raised by parents and not by foster care workers or the government. That is why we believe in fighting hard for parents.

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