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One of the most difficult experiences for Macomb County parents to go through is being accused of abusing or neglecting a child. Fortunately, there is help available for parents, daycare workers and foster parents who find themselves in this situation. Cronkright Law’s attorneys have been successfully defending parents and caretakers against CPS investigations and allegations for over two decades. We offer free consultations for people interested in retaining private attorneys.

We understand that not everyone can afford retained counsel and will need to rely on court-appointed attorneys. We encourage parents to review our Tips page for our suggestions on how to make that work better.

In some instances, Children’s Protective Services does an incredible job of helping families through their difficulties. In other cases, the involvement of CPS is disastrous and harmful to the children. It is for that reason that we suggest that every family with police or CPS investigators at their door, in their home or at their child’s school obtain an immediate consult or hire a Macomb County CPS defense attorney. With over two decades of experience on our side, the Macomb County child protective services attorneys of Cronkright Law will work diligently for your family and fight for your rights.

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Our Macomb County child protective services lawyers offer services with the following, including but not limited to:

If you are being investigated by CPS, you will need relentless advocates who won’t give up on you or your freedom to raise your children. Investigations can be drawn-out and intense, which is why it is essential you don’t face them on your own. Instead, allow us to do our part in pursuing justice on your behalf.

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Our firm, Cronkright Law, is proud to serve the people of Warren, Sterling Heights, St. Clair Shores, Mt. Clemens, and Roseville for any and all of your child protective services legal needs. We also defend parents in the nearby counties, including Oakland County, Lapeer County, Wayne County and Saint Clair County. We are comprised of educated, compassionate, and experienced Macomb County child protective services lawyers who believe in exhausting any and all options in our pursuit of justice on your behalf. There’s nothing we want to see more than your success, whether that means keeping your job, or keeping your family together.

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